Mussels machinery

Washer Brusher for Mussels
wash, brush and grade with a permanent watering of the mussels
Bin tipper
to tip containers at variable heights.
The hopper feeder conveyor that suits your environment
it allows an appropriate and a continuous flow of yours machines
Special « Z » hopper feeder conveyor with water bath
perfect to keep your product cooled.
Declumper version DEG1200
With cylinder and "knives" (tooth) for mussels in bulk and net, quick declumping, electrical net extractor, net picking up, variable speed.
Transfer belt conveyor
To sort manually your shellfishes out or simply transfer,
Washer Brusher for mussels electric or hydraulic driven
washes, brushes, and grades mussels through a permanent spray washing.
Roller Grader for mussels
for mussels, cockles, clams, winkles, …
Debysser 500 & 1500 for mussels
for high quality outputs